In order to promote public awareness of protecting the ozone layer, the government has been putting a lot of effort into various activities. In Taiwan there have been international conferences and workshops on a regular basis and many renowned figures have come to Taiwan to deliver speech, including Nobel Prize winners Dr. Sherwood Roland and Mario Molina.

The "ozone layer protection in Taiwan" bi-lingual websites has been the main channels for communicating to the industries, schools and the general public. The EPA also prepares brochures and regulation handouts for free. Since 2003 the EPA also publishes Chinese and English newsletter for the governmental agencies, academic groups, industries, environmental NGO and the public, so that readers can get the latest information on ozone layer related issues.

There have been numerous training courses, workshops and seminars co-held by different governmental departments on ODS alternatives, ODS phase-out schedules and regulations for assisting industries to comply with the international environmental regulations. EPA also held conferences and workshops on different topics, such as management of controlled substances, Halon examination and recycling, HCFC consumption reduction, methyl bromide control technology and so on. For example, the EPA held the workshop: "International trends on ODS regulation and alternatives" in May 2008 for HCFC users and suppliers. All the training materials (in Chinese) are available for download here.The EPA also held Workshops on rational usage of air conditioning refrigerants in order to raise awareness and strengthen capability among refrigerants applying sectors.

The EPA held various interesting activities to promote awareness and to educate the public. In September 2007, EPA held a series of celebration activities for the 20th anniversary of the Montreal Protocol, including a conference, drawing competition, poster exhibitions and film screening. It was a huge success. In September 2005, the EPA held "children drawing competition and the art tour of the ozone layer protection" to educate school children for better understanding of protecting the environment. In the same month, the "2005 International Conference on Ozone Layer Protection in Taiwan" was held and there was an awarding ceremony for people and organization who had contributed to protecting the ozone layer. EPA also held many types of activities for celebrating the "International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer" every year, such as "Running for protecting ozone layer", "atmosphere knowledge tour" and so on

In spite of the great effort made by Taiwan EPA, there is still more work to do for the recovery of the ozone layer. Therefore the EPA will continuen promoting public awareness of protecting our beautiful earth.


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