montrealen clip image002The EPA has been authorized the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) which is an NGO recognized by UNEP to continually participated in the Meetings of the Parties continually as a non-governmental organisation since 1992, despite the fact that Taiwan is not a member of the Vienna Convention and the Montreal Protocol due to the exclusion from the United Nations. Besides attending MOPs, experts from Taiwan have participated in Open-Ended Working Group of the Parties each year and other technical meetings and workshops organized by UNEP. Taiwan has always followed the same control measures as non-Article 5 countries. One goal of active participation in the meetings is to exchange ODS phase-out policies and management experiences with other nations in order to facilitate the design of our national management plan. With those efforts our country could avoid significant economy impacts while sharing reasonable international environmental responsibilities. Our efforts were honorably recognized by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, and received its "Stratospheric Ozone Protection Award" in 1995 through ITRI.


Moreover, in OEWG-28 (Bangkok, July 2008), our efforts in reducing the use of ODS was mentioned in the official meeting as a successful example. That is while explaining a draft proposal on reducing QPS use of methyl bromide, the EU representative mentioned that Canada and Taiwan have been successfully reduceing the use of methyl bromide for QPS by developing heat treatment. It was an encouragement for us that our effort was recognized by the international society.

Apart from attending the official Meeting of the Parties, Taiwan has also shared its scientific and technology findings at many international conferences for ozone protection. For example, a roundtable discussion in illegal trade if ozone depleting substances in Washington D.C. was sponsored by Taiwan in 1996, which drew attention to the significance of how illegal trade could undermine the integrity of the Montreal Protocol. And in the past Taiwan government held several "International Conference on Ozone Layer Protection" with many renowned scholars and experts from all over the world, including former executive director of United Nations Environment Programme: Dr. Mostafa K. Tolba, and recipients of the 1995 Nobel Prize in Chemistry: Professor Sherwood Rowland and Professor Mario Molina.