1. Taiwan EPA completed the methyl bromide quota allocation for the second half year of 2008

    The methyl bromide consumption of non-Article 5 countries should have been completely phased out in 2005, but its actual uses for Quarantine and Pre-Shipment (QPS) purposes were exempted from such national consumption calculation. There was no methyl bromide production capacity in Taiwan; the acquisition of the substance has to rely on import. According to the managing rules amended in 2003, only uses for QPS applications are allowed.

    Taiwan EPA has approved the second half year of 2008 methyl bromide quotas for the use. The total quantity of Quarantine & Pre-Shipment, QPS , is 34.5 kilogram, which is 60% less than the approved quantity of the same period in last year. The total approved amount of year 2008 is the least in the last 5 years, and which is 46% less than the one of last year.

    During the review meeting of methyl bromide allocation, there are several discussions about the amendments of "Management Regulation of Methyl Bromide " and the more stringent control measures. Information about the amending of the regulation is in the following news. This meeting has made following conclusions in regard of strengthening the control measures:

    1. Strengthening the reporting and recordkeeping system of importers and end users, such as checking purchase slips and sales receipts. It is helpful to control the flow and storage data so the unknown sources, unknown uses and non-QPS uses can be prevented.
    2. Suggestion of setting up limits of methyl bromide in QPS use for management. This limit does not have to be included in the regulation.

  2. Taiwan EPA completed HCFCs quota allocation for year 2008

    Taiwan EPA convened HCFCs quota allocation meetings in April to complete the quota allocation for importers and users after confirming the consumption data. The allocated amount is 121229.97 ODP kilogram for 11 importers and 267,137.81 ODP Kg for users. Compared to the allocated quota, it is 6322.37 ODP less and which is account for 5%. Compared to the allocated amount for users, it is slightly increase by 1.5%.

  3. Taiwan EPA is planning to revise " Management Regulation of Methyl Bromide "

    In order to comply to the Montreal Protocol, EPA has listed methyl bromide in Air Pollutants controlled by International Environmental Protection Conventions in January of year 2005. In the same year EPA announced " Management Regulation of Methyl Bromide" in May in order to control the production, importation and exportation, to regulate the use purpose, industry application system, review process and monitoring works.

    However the management regulation is needed to be adjusted in response to the latest trend of international regulations including Montreal Protocol and International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures, ISPM by International Plant Protection Convention, IPPC. Nowadays ISPM 15 is widely adopted by international society, while the request for QPS use of methyl bromide is increasing domestically. Nevertheless with more and more qualified companies practicing wood pallet heating, the need of methyl bromide shall be lower in the future.

    As a result of the current trend, EPA is planning to revise the regulation in order to manage the qualification of users, qualification of fumigation practice, limitation on vendors and the use limit of fumigation under gas -proof covers. Also EPA is planning to adjust the statistic form of use amount in response to UNEP form for better management of methyl bromide.

  4. Taichung Custom Office busted smuggled R-12 refrigerant

    A company is under investigation for intention of smuggling R-12 refrigerant from China in 17th April, 2008. The company reported to TCO for importing 651 barrels of R-134a?1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane?. However after investigation there are only 100 barrels of R-134a and the rest of the importation is R-12.

    R-12 refrigerant is ozone-depleting substance, and in used in many cooling equipments and vehicle air-condition in Taiwan early days. It is listed in Montreal Protocol for control and management since 1996. Now it is banned in many countries, and it is not allowed to be imported in Taiwan as well.

    The custom bureau of financial department has been actively insisting EPA for controlling R-12 importation in recent years. The smuggled goods weights 11,956 kilogram. The importer intended to declare false name of the goods in order to avoid the legal control, and the behavior is suspected to violate the custom regulation and the air pollution control laws. This case is now under legal investigation.


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