The methyl bromide consumption of non-Article 5 countries should have been completely phased out in 2005, but its actual uses for Quarantine and Pre-Shipment (QPS) purposes were exempted from such national consumption calculations. There was no methyl bromide production capacity in Taiwan; the acquisition of the substance has to rely on import. According to the managing rules amended in 2003, only uses for QPS applications are allowed.
According to the declaration documents from the users, the total methyl bromide amount used for QPS purposes in 2013 was 43,546 kilograms, which was 1,043 kilograms less than in 2012. Around 55% of the total methyl bromide amount, or 23,950 kilograms, were used for quarantine. The rest 45% (19,597kg) were used for mainly pre-shipment purposes. The Taiwan EPA subsequently finalized and approved to allocate 19,500.0 kg of 100% w/t and 7,791.3 kg of 98% w/t methyl bromide for applications in the second half of 2014. In total, 56.4 kg methyl bromide was allocated for QPS applications in 2014, which is slightly more than the allocation amount in 2013. Figure 1 shows the historical quota allocations for methyl bromide in QPS applications in Taiwan.
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 Figure 1. Historical quota allocations for methyl bromide in QPS use